Has your puppy got you running in circles?161773200_4013934061997931_7980702413627121953_n

Does your dog seem to not listen to you at all?

Are your guests greeted by loving licks on the face?

Do you have to keep food under lock and key to keep it safe?

Would you just like a great companion  you can enjoy?

Well you have come to the right place!

My name is Jennifer Davidson and I’m here to help.¬† Check out my Services for more information.

“Jennifer was great with helping us train our puppy, Faucet! Our in home consultation was very informative as we were able to learn how to consistently train Faucet to be the puppy we wanted him to be while allowing him to be himself – minus stealing socks and dryer sheets.”

-Natalie Ong & Marissa Williams, mommies to a Border Collie/Pyrenees